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Welcome to Hydaburg Cable TV, Inc.

Serving Community of Hydaburg since 1998


Hydaburg Cable TV, Inc.

Hydaburg Cable TV, Inc.

Welcome to Hydaburg Cable TV, Inc. new website,

Hydaburg Cable TV Webmail or e-mail Service

Click on the link above to check your name@hydaburgcabletv.net E-Mail.
You can also click on the webmail button on the left side, they are the same as above.


Click on the link above to learn more about upcoming Digital Transition in
February 17, 2009 and our digital service we offer.


As of August 5, 2008
We have added new channels:

Channel 73 Versus Channel
Channel 74 Fox Sports College (Pacific)
Channel 75 The Fuse Channel
Channel 76 The Sportsman Channel
Channel 77 QVC Shopping Channel
Channel 78 JCTV
Channel 99 Dedicated Internet Broadband Channel
Channel 99 with KRBD Ketchikan FM Radio

This is all the channel line-up updated.

As of July 12, 2008
The new broadband Internet cable tv modem service will commence equipment construction this summer providing High Speed Broadband Internet service via a cable tv line. more details of the service on the new Internet page.
We anticipate the service will be available to the cable tv customers this fall.
We will announce the opening of the service then.

As of July 1, 2008
The new character generator is NOW installed on channel 8, This complete the upgrade project including channel 30 The Ad Channel.

As of January 20, 2008
The New Character Generator is NOW installed and in service for channel 30, the channel 8 will be installed soon.


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